fredag 23 september 2016

The Sky is the Limit in Our Brazil Room

Hey mca,

Come experience the spectacular scenes of Rio de Janeiro from the Corcovado Mountain top to the sandy beaches of the Copacabana.

Now's the time to play rummy Brazilian style!

Have a great PLAY :)
The 'Rummy World'-Team





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söndag 10 juni 2012

New VIP rooms on Rummikub Online

Dear Rummikuber,

We promised and now we deliver – NEW VIP ROOMS!!!


We have launched the amazing Paris VIP rooms* where you can sit and play while enjoying the actual Paris view from a sky high revolving restaurant! The new VIP rooms allow you to play for a chance to win much MORE Joker credits!! Play a game of 25 Joker credits for a chance to win 50 Joker credits!!



So what are you waiting for?? Come and join the fun and play in a VIP room!



*The rooms are available only for players from skill level 5 and up

torsdag 10 maj 2012

Mother’s Day special offer from Rummikub

Dear Rummikubers,

Mother's Day is just around the corner and in honor of our lady players we're giving everyone a chance to enjoy our Mother's Day special offer - get 20% more on your purchase!



So Ladies and Gentleman - make sure you play Rummikub Online on Mother's Day to take advantage of our special offer.

Happy Mother's Day!


onsdag 2 maj 2012

Happy 3 Hours on Rummikub Online

Dear Rummikuber,

We always try to listen to our players' feedbacks and requests and we know that you love to play and always wish to have more credits. So we decided to give you more credits!

Today at 6PM UK time (1PM EDT) we will start our Happy 3 Hours, during which you will receive 20% more credits on your purchase!!!




So make sure you play Rummikub in time to enjoy our special offer!

tisdag 10 april 2012

A special Easter egg from Rummikub Online

Dear Rummikuber,

We are happy to update that after listening to your feedbacks

and understanding that you want more credits, we've made a change to our pricing packages. Now you can get up to 20% more Joker Credits in each package you purchase! So go ahead, check out the new packages and get more credits for your money (click the ADD button to see the packages).



onsdag 1 februari 2012

New and exciting updates from Rummikub Online

Dear Rummikubers,

The holiday season is behind us and we have some new and exciting updates for our Rummikub Online community.

Hot from the oven

Playing with your friends
has never been easier! We have added a new feature which allows you to see your online Facebook friends and invite them to play Rummikub Online with you!

To invite your friends to play with you simply click on "Send 'join me' message" and enjoy playing together!

If you still haven't added the feature to your Rummikub Online chat box follow these simple steps -

  1.  Click on the "Play Together"/"Allow Live Chat" button in your chat box (only needed in the first time)
  2.  Click "Allow" on the permission box that will open
  3.  You will see your online Facebbok friends in you chat box (Rummikub Online friends will appear at the top, with a green background and an R logo)

Game updates

  • Listening to your feedback teaches us a lot about your wants and needs and we have added a feature which mutes either the game sounds, sound effects or both, so that you can play quietly while someone is sleeping or working in the other room and whenever else needed
  • The new "Jungle world" mini game is up and we can't wait to hear what you think! The mini game was added to all rooms to allow more fun while waiting for your fellow Rummikubers to play. Just spin the "Jungle world" wheel for a chance to win Joker Credits!

What's next?

Who here doesn't want to receive more credits?? If you raised your hand than this next update is not for you! We are working hard on an exciting new feature - soon we will launch a special booster which will allow, in case you won a game, to receive more credits!

We will keep you updated very soon.

Have a great play!
The Rummikub team